Low power consumption hydrogen sensor
 Resistive sensor of explosive concentrations of hydrogen
 Hydrogen gas analyzers                             
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 Nitrogen dioxide gas-analyzer                    
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 Sensor based explosives detector                      
 Portative hydrogen leak detector                      
 Portative hydrogen gas-analyzer VG-2                       
 Portative hydrogen gas-analyzer VG-5                      
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National Research Nuclear University MEPhI

Solid state and nanosystems physics department
Laboratory "Development and making of sensors based on MIS-structures"

Gas analysers VG-3A, VG-3B, VG-3V

We produce 3 modifications of VG-3 gas analyser:

  • VG-3A (Concentration range 10-6 - 10-3 vol. %)
  • VG-3B (Concentration range 10-4 - 10-2 vol. %)
  • VG-3V (Concentration range 10-2 - 1 vol. %)
VG series hydrogen gas analysers
Parameters Gas analyser model
Measurement range of hydrogen concentration, vol. % (ppm) 10-6 - 10-3
(0,01 - 10)
10-4 - 10-2
(1 - 100)
10-2 - 1
Resolution, vol. % 10-6 10-4 10-2
Response time, τ0.9, min, not greater than 10 3 0.1
Relaxation time, τ0.1, min, not greater than 10 3 0,1
Arbitrary measurement error, % ±10 ±5 ±3
Power voltage, V =12 or ~220, 50Hz
Dimensions, cm 20×12×5
Weight, kg 1
Sensor lifetime, years 5
Selectivity selective to Н2 (has no sensitivity to Н2S, NO2, alcoholes, hydrocarbons, СО2, СО)

   The device is equiped by memory for continuous measure storing and serial port RS-232 to access saved data. Every measure consists of measure value, exact date and time of measurement.
   VG-3A and VG-3B applications are the following: geology (gases foundation), industry (detecting hydrogen solvated in liquids and metals), control of construction's containment (as leakage dectectors), microelectronics (technological processes control) and medicine.
   VG-3V applications: anticombusting automatic systems (hydrogen and air mix monitoring), rocket engines checkout sequence, hydrogen fueled automobile engine control, control of powerful accumulators, and as leak detectors for inspecting of large volumes (upto 10 m3) and profilecomposite constructions (tube systems).

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