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National Research Nuclear University MEPhI

Solid state and nanosystems physics department
Laboratory "Development and making of sensors based on MIS-structures"

Low power consumption hydrogen sensor VDM-1

   The sensitive element of the device is MIS-capacitor which capacitance is related on the ambient hydrogen concentration. This capacitance is working in RC-generator. As the result the output frequency is proportional to hydrogen concentration.

Low power consumption hydrogen sensor
Parameters Parameter values
Hydrogen concentration measurement range, vol. % 0.1-1
Response time, τ0.9, min, not greater than 10
Recovering time, τ0.1, min, not greater than 10
Output signal, frequency (amplitude) 10-25 kHz (4.5 V)
Realtive measurement error, % ±3%
Power consumption, mW 2
Supply voltage, V =5
Dimensions, mm 43×30×14
Weight, kg 0.1
Lifetime of the sensitive element, years 5
Device selectivity selective about H2

   Applications: automatic explosion protection systems, technological processes control.

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