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National Research Nuclear University MEPhI

Solid state and nanosystems physics department
Laboratory "Development and making of sensors based on MIS-structures"

Hydrogen sulphide gas-analyzer

   This gas-analyzer is intended for measuring low concentrations of H2S in the air (0.005-0.2 ppm, 5·10-7-2·10-5 % vol). The device is selective to H2S. You can see device specifications in the table below.

Газоанализатор сероводорода H2S-3
Specification parameter Parameter value
Range of measurable concentrations of hydrogen sulphide, mg/m3 0.008-0.320
Measuring resolution, ppb 5
Absolute measuring error, ppb ±2
Response time τ0.9, min 5
Supply voltage, V =12 or ~220, 50 Hz
Power consumption, W 5
Dimensions, mm 210×110×80
Weight, kg 1,5
Overall lifetime of sensor assuming fulltime work Not less than 1 year, if measured concentration of hydrogen sulphide is not greater than 0,1 ppm

   Main field of application of this device is ecological monitoring (measuring of maximum permissible in living area H2S concentration).

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