Low power consumption hydrogen sensor
 Resistive sensor of explosive concentrations of hydrogen
 Hydrogen gas analyzers                             
 Hydrogen sulphide gas-analyzer                      
 Nitrogen dioxide gas-analyzer                    
 Ammonia gas analizer                              
 Sensor based explosives detector                      
 Portative hydrogen leak detector                      
 Portative hydrogen gas-analyzer VG-2                       
 Portative hydrogen gas-analyzer VG-5                      
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National Research Nuclear University MEPhI

Solid state and nanosystems physics department
Laboratory "Development and making of sensors based on MIS-structures"

The list of developed working gas analyzers model,
which can be used (on a contractual basis) by business firms
for mass production and introduction in practice

   Н2 Range of concentration: 10-5-20% (100%)
      1. VG-2 (for geophysics) (0,1-50 ppm).
      2. VT-2 (devise for leak detection) (1-100 ppm).
      3. VG-3-A, B, C=VG-2+VT-2 (devise for twenty-four-hour monitoring) (0,1-50 ppm, 1-100 ppm, 0,01-1%).
      4. GIN-2 (for medical diagnostic) (1-100 ppm).
      5. Multipoint indicator of highly explosive situation (Twork=20 oС; ,2-1,5%).
      6. Fast-response indicator of high concentration (1-100%).
      7. Low-power indicator with frequency output signal (Twork=20 oС; ,2-1%).
      8. Gas analyzer of high concentration (0,5-20%).

   H2S Range of concentration: 5x10-3-10 ppm
      9. SVG-5 (ecological monitoring of dwelling zone) (5-200 ppb).
      10. SVG-6 (ecological monitoring of working area) (0,5-10 ppm).

   NOx Range of concentration: 2x10-2-2 ppm
      11. GOA-1 (ecological monitoring of dwelling zone) (0,05-2 ppm).
      12. Detector of high explosive substance (require improvement).

   NH3 Range of concentration: 2x
10-2-103 ppm
      13. Gas analyzer for dwelling zone (0,05-2 ppm).
      14. Gas analyzer for working area (0,2-5 ppm).
      15. Devise for leak detection of NH3 (for cold store) (1-100 ppm).

   C2H5SH (меркаптан) Range of concentration 1-50 ppm
      16. Devise for leak detection (1-50 ppm).

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