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National Research Nuclear University MEPhI

Solid state and nanosystems physics department
Laboratory "Development and making of sensors based on MIS-structures"

Ammonia gas analyser GIN-2

   The gas analyser is intended for measuring of small concentrations of NH3in air in the range of concentrations 0.02-2 ppm, i.e. 2·10-6-2·10-4 vol. %). Device specifications are in the table below

Ammonia gas analyser GIN-2
Parameters Parameter values
Range of measurable ammonia gas concentrations, mg/m3 (ppm) 0.015-1.5 (0.02-2)
Measure resolution, ppm 0.02
Absolute measure error, mV (ppm) ±20 (0.01)
Response time, τ0.9, min, not greater than 10
Relaxation time, τ0.1, min, not greater than 20
Supply voltage, V =12 or ~220, 50 Hz
Device dimensions, mm 260×120×65
Device weight, kg 1.5
Output connectors Analogue, Digital (RS-232)
Sensor Lifetime, years 2

   This device is equiped by serial communication port (RS-232) to link with PC for measurements visualisation, storing and processing. Applications: ecology, biochemistry, medicine (Helicobacter pylori detection) and so on.

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