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National Research Nuclear University MEPhI

Solid state and nanosystems physics department
Laboratory "Development and making of sensors based on MIS-structures"

Portable hydrogen gas analyser VG-2

   This gas analyser is based on MIS (metal-insulator-semiconductor)-sensor. VG-2 is applicable in the fields of: geology (gases sources researches), technics (detecting hydrogen solvated in metals and liquids), microelectronics (technological processes control) and medicine (hydrogen breath test). Warranty period - 1 year.

Portable hydrogen gas analyser VG-2
Parameters Parameter values
Measurement concentration range, ppm 0.5-100
Resolution, ppm 0.5
Response time, τ0.9, min 5
Recovery time, τ0.1, min 10
Arbitrary measurement error, % ±5
Supply voltage, V =12 or ~220, 50 Hz
Dimensions, mm 180x100x20
Weight, kg 1
Sensor lifetime, years 5
Selectivity Selectiv to Н2 (no sensitivity to Н2S, NO2, alcoholes, hydrocarbons, СО2, СО)
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